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Rule of the Day

20-2c/1.5 Ball Rolls Toward Hole When Dropped at Spot from Which Previous Stroke Played

A player is required or elects to play his next stroke at the spot from which his previous stroke was played. He is able to identify that specific spot by reference to the divot hole which his previous stroke made. He drops a ball immediately behind that divot hole. The ball rolls nearer the hole than the spot from which the previous stroke was played, but not more than two club-lengths from where it first struck the ground. What is the ruling?

Rule 20-2c(vii)(a) requires a ball to be re-dropped if it rolls and comes to rest nearer the hole than "its original position or estimated position ... unless otherwise permitted by the Rules." The original position is the spot from which the previous stroke was played. Since the dropped ball rolled nearer the hole than that spot, it must be re-dropped.

However, in many such cases the player cannot determine exactly the spot from which his previous stroke was played. In those cases, the player has satisfied the requirements of the Rule if he uses his best endeavors to estimate the spot. The estimated spot is treated as the specific spot (see Rule 20-2b) and the ball must be re-dropped if it rolls nearer the hole than the estimated spot.

The same principle applies if the spot where a ball is to be placed is not determinable and the player is required, under Rule 20-3c, to drop the ball as near as possible to the spot where it lay.

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Today in Golf History

golf-history 1851 Birthday Of Tom Morris

Apr 20

Jr., Four-Time British Open Champion,Golf’s first true superstar, Young Tom Morris won the British Open four consecutive times between 1868 and 1872. A powerful ball-striker whose physical talents were vastly beyond his competition, Morris won his first Open Championship at age 17 at Prestwick. The following year, not only did Morris win again, but his father, who by this time was in his late 40s, finished second, seven strokes behind. Morris won his third title in a row in 1870, using a feathery ball to fire an Open scoring record that would hold for 38 years. After the 1871 event was canceled, Morris won again in 1872 before his health took a turn for the worse. In 1875, a few months after his wife and infant died in childbirth, Morris himself died at 24 years old.

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