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Rule of the Day

33-8/37 Local Rule Allowing Drop in Water Hazard Behind Point Where Ball Lies Unplayable in Hazard

A water hazard varies from 100 yards to 250 yards in width, and there is little or no water in it. In most cases a ball in the hazard can be played. However, it sometimes happens that a ball fails by a few yards to carry the hazard and ends up unplayable in water.

Under Rule 26-1, the player must either drop behind the hazard or at the spot from which his previous stroke was played. In either case, the relief point is up to 250 yards away. In such circumstances, may the Committee make a Local Rule permitting a player to drop a ball in the hazard under penalty of one stroke, as well as out of the hazard?


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Today in Golf History

golf-history 1917 Birthday of Bobby Locke

Nov 20

Born in Germanston, South Africa, Bobby Locke has one of the most impressive international records in golf history. A four-time British Open champion, Locke won the South African Open every time he entered between 1938 and 1955, a total of nine titles. Locke never won the U.S. Open but had five top-five finishes in the seven years he competed.

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